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Victoria comes from a conventional family and it was only during her mid twenties that out of desperation for curing shingles , she discovered homeopathy.  At the time Victoria was working in the city as a bank analyst. After being diagnosed with shingles she was prescribed antiviral, conventional medicine.  After taking just a couple of these her rash completely dried up. What was left however was a great deal of pain and discomfort that became debilitating. This affected her so badly, that out of desperation she visited a homeopath. The results were immediate.


Even with being impressed by the ability of homeopathy, like many people, Victoria but quickly returned to relying on conventional medicines such as nurofen for headaches.  Several years later  after personal trauma and stress, Victoria was dealing with a stubborn verruca and being diagnosed wth Polysystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). Two specialists told her that she would never be able to have children, without a great deal of medical intervention.


The verruca would not go despite various over the counter and GP treatments, it became so painful that she again turned to homeopathy and went for a consult with a wonderful homeopath in Richmond. The result again, was positive, healing the verruca and leaving her feeling so revitalised that she decided she needed to learn more. 


Enrolling in 2008 to study Homeopathy at Lakeland in Regents College. Victoria along with her partner Chris, decided at the same time to try for a child. This after being told previously that it would be extremely difficult  to do so. To their surprise and joy,  the first month trying, with no medical intervention, Victoria became pregnant with their first child, Kitty.


Understanding that when the human body suffers trauma, emotionally or physically, the whole bodies can be impacted.  Victoria’s personal traumas and heartbreak caused the physcical ramifications in the form of a verruca and PCOS and by seeking help from an experienced homeopath and believing in the possibilities of natural medicine she was healed on both an  emotional and physical level.  


Victoria continued studying and graduated as a homeopath after 3 years, 2 months after the birth of her son, Archie.


Victoria says “I feel very blessed to have discovered homeopathy and started using it regularly before my pregnancies.  Whilst I will always be able to see the benefit of conventional treatment for certain conditions I see the huge benefit of using natural effective medicine which works in harmony with our bodies.  My children were born naturally without medical intervention or pain (I’m a huge advocate of hypnobirthing) and my children have only ever used homeopathy and are healthy and happy.”  


“I am passionate about homeopathy, and natural health, and practice with my own family and patients which just drives this more as I see the positive results time after time with all age groups.  I feel blessed and lucky to have found my purpose and a way to help people, move out of pain and into freedom and health” 


“I feel empowered with my own and my families health and my personal aim with patients is to facilitate their healing and also to provide all my patients to be empowered with regard to their health on both a physical and emotional level. Clients feel so empowered when they come for a consultation and have the ability to talk during an hour session. discussing all the possible elements of their ailments, and by not being rushed they are more relaxed and feel properly heard. Then having a personal tailored remedy and support, leads them to a path of healing”

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